Elnaz and Tomas wedding 4 th of Januari 2010

Invitation cards

oktober 30, 2009 00:53 by tomas

Finally we got the invitation cards so that we could invite the guests to our wedding! This night we have been spending with yet more time thinking about whom we should invite, it’s not a simple task... Our worst nightmare is of course to forget someone that really gets sad about that have been forgotten about and/or someone that we on the big day suddenly realize should be there.

Elnaz is sleeping since one hour or two I guess, she have not replied on Yahoo messenger so I'm sure that is the case. I think she thought it was a little bit boring to see me thru a webcam writing name after name and address after address on invitation cards to relatives and friends that she never have met. Elnaz is in Iran to finish her studies in archaeology. She left 2 weeks ago and will be staying in Iran six weeks more. I’m missing her very bad but I will see her next Saturday! I’m going to have one week of vacation and visit her and her family in Iran.

I must admit that I get very nostalgic when I’m doing this work, every name make me remember lots of good times! Let me mention a few of them: Me, “Peff” and Lövgren sitting in Lövgrens room, we are about 14 or 15 years old and make a big decision about our future life when we decide about the name of our rock band we are about to start. One other night worth remembering with those two guys are the night we got lost in the woods of Svenstorp and ends up somewhere close to Borgstena…. Writing Ted’s invitation card made me think about one Easter celebrating party at Peff’s amazing apartment “Bunkern” (The Bunker) and some crazy stuff that happened around that time. Writing John’s name made me think about all of those hours of hard work running a company together, but also all of those fabulous  moments we have had sharing an apparent at Södra kyrkogatan. Writing Kristian’s name make me think about the good times we had in the Caribbean and that I met Elnaz the day after we came home from this trip. Writing Erik’s name make me remember all of that time we spend together rehearsing and all of the songs we made. I could continue this for ever… But I want to save that for the future, saving these memories until later maybe make on or two of you curios or nostalgic enough to call me and Elnaz and invite yourselves to spend a night or two in our home!

Now, it is time to sleep! Good night and we hope that all of you show up at the marriage!!!

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