Elnaz and Tomas wedding 4 th of Januari 2010

A fabulous bachelors party!!!

december 8, 2009 00:23 by tomas

I got a really fabulous bachelors party! It was well planned and well executed and I had a really good time, I will never forget about this day!!!

It all started one Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago when I wake up in the with a hangover. I spend the morning with drinking coffee and having a head ache pill, and then I take my car and go for delivering a package for one of our Mustang-customers. Before I leave the home I notice that my mobile phone has broken down so I leave that at home.

On the way to the customer the car dies and doesn’t start again, so there I am with my car and no phone… But I am lucky, one of Magnus friends drives by and sees me. Magnus friend drives me to the customer and I deliver the package, I borrow a phone from the customer and Magnus promise to come and get me 30 minutes later, he tells me that I can wait at one of his friends house nearby where my car has broken down.

Magnus friend drives me to this other friend that turns out not to be at home, but his girlfriend luckily is and she invites me into their house. While I am sitting there she starts to say how beautifull I am and get a little bit to close me … Then she opens her sports sweater (it have zipper) and make her "assets" a little bit more visible then they should… I tell her that she should close her sweater again, but she is persistent in her way to wear her sweater. All of a sudden her boyfriend comes home and he has been out hunting so he has a shotgun in his hands!!! Of course he notices the strange situation and starts a fight about it with me and his girlfriend, with the gun in his hands… After a few minutes my brother and a whole bunch of my friends comes down from the second floor where they have been hiding, then I understand what is going on...

I really admire the evil minds behind this, every bit of it was very well planned! The customer I deliver the package to was fake, when I was in Iran one week before they installed a system in my car so that they could turn off the engine with a remote control, they visit my house the day before and drink some beer with me so that they could steal the SIM-card so that my mobile didn’t work, etc etc etc…

After the first event the bachelors party continued with some go cart racing, dressing me up in some strange clothes, doing some “missions” in Knalleland (a shopping centre in Borås), a trip in rubber boat on Viskan (the river that runs in the middle of Borås, some Jacuzzi  and finally dinner and drinking at Harry’s. Harry’s was of course an excellent choise that’s where Elnaz and I met the 4th of January 2009.

Outside the house where I was threatened with a shotgun.

A trip on the river of Viskan

Doing some missions in Knalleland

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